Web Design & Development

for small and medium size businesses

Web Design & Development

Other Services besides a website

  • Accessibility Enhancements
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO Boost & Research

Website Development

I'll design and code a website from scratch or use a popular platform like Bootstrap or Foundation. If you are the type of business owner who wants to make small edits to your witesite I can set you up with a CMS like WordPress.

Accessibility Enhancements

Google gives a boost to websites that are respectfully coded so users with disabilities are able to use it with greater ease and not get frusterated which hurts your bottom line.

Email Marketing

I'll carefully code your email template from scratch, or assist with building your email marketing via a world class service like mailchimp.

SEO Tune Up

Get your website off the ground so it has better potential to compete with your competitors. This service focuses on reviewing and implementing basic to moderate code fixes.

SEO Insights

I'll research your competition including talking to you for clues, and present you with data and how to read it. I may resolve the issues or take the insights to someone else to do the fixing.

Looking for Graphic Design Services?

Visit my other, more informal, website for samples of logos, brochures and more.


"Building the Camarillo Bridal website with Richard has been a fantastic experience! He has exceptional knowledge of how to create a website that generates sales traffic."
- Tabitha (Wedding Guru)