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My blog is for business owners 1st & designers 2nd covering current topics regarding graphic design, web design, and SEO. We also have a page for web hosting. My #1 goal is to educate business owners so they can make informed decisions and invest in the right technology and designer and not get trapped with a lemon. I do this so quality designers like myself can get more work, informed business owners get better bang for their buck, and their customers get a better experience.

To: my fellow designers I will have info for you and goodies to share like many other blogs catered to us. Howerever, my wish is that you learn or at least be aware of the (computer) language barrier business owners struggle with when trying to get their online presence started or increased. Feel free to contact me with topics not yet covered and comment to join the conversation.

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Disclaimer: I like to keep myself up to date with the latest trends regarding web design, graphic design, and seo. However, I'm not perfect or all-knowing, big surprise, and therefore I make no guarantees on successful results if you implement any suggestions found in my blog posts. I provide the information in my blog posts as an intro and try to give good advice otherwise leaving the topic open ended. The information I post is for your benefit and may require further research on your part.

Don't Do Business With These Web Companies

As a freelance web designer I'm seeing a disturbing trend in competition that should concern web professionals and business owners alike... why in the heck are businesses like Chase bank, Costco (partnering with, and cable companies like Verizon offering websites?! This is like expecting good & affordable results from a car washer to work on your car engine... they don't know what they are doing.

Don't Use "FREE" DIY Website Creators!

"FREE" DIY Websites ARE BAD! They actually cost more $ for what should be basic features & are not SEO Friendly! Marketing Lies! Watch a short 5 minute video where I explain this in more detail.  

Should Your Website Use A CMS?

A large corporation, for example, that has many staff and faculty from different departments would benefit using a CMS. The IT staff would set up the CMS, and enable certain edible regions for other employees to maintain their own department's subpages within the website.... But it may not be right for your online business!

Hurry Up Already!

A fast performing website is very important for usability, aka making your web visitors happy, and helps your chances with better SEO... so do it!