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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization helps webpage´s rank higher for search queries, and you can achieve optimization with several strategies. Many websites don't pay enough attention to SEO and that's a shame since they are loosing out on more website traffic/visitors.

Link Building and Inbound Links

Search Engines look at how many different websites link to your webpage´s and favors those with many quality inbound links. The assumption is that the more websites (of relavance) that link to your website the more quality and important your website is. Therefore search engines will favor your website in the SERP after someone performs a search query. Remember search engines strive to deliver the most accurate search results... if they don't then web surfers will use a competitor´s search service.

Link Building is the practice of exchanging or buying inbound links to your site-from websites and web directories. The best and honest way to build good quality links is to let it happen naturally by having a great website that is user friendly and has great content. Such a website will have other websites link to it because it offers something useful, or entertaining. The content on websites that link to you assist Google for example determine the content/intent of you webpage/website. If you decide to link exchange it should be presented to your website visitors as a added value not an eyesore on you webpage(s).

Webpage Content

Make sure you don't just copy someone elses content and post it on your own webpages. There are anti theft solutions like to detect plagiarism. Even if you don't get caught by the other website you plagiarized the search engines are less likely to reward redundant content. You can mention other peoples good content, don't forget to give them credit, but make it part of a new fresh take on the subject matter. Rule of thumb: have good quality content on your site so web surfers will visit and stay on your website. Moreover, keep adding quality content and/or rotate it out to keep your webpage content fresh.

Keywords in Webpage Elements

When someone searches for "pool cleaning company" how does a search engine know which web pages to retrieve? Search engines look at the total number of matching keywords and key phrases. Another factor to consider is where the keywords are located in the web code. Having keywords in certain webpage elements like the page title and the headers are worth more than the same keywords in regular body text.

Be careful not to just focus your webpage keyword optimization for search engines, make sure it reads well for human visitors. In fact a good rule of thumb is that you should always favor the human visitor over a search engine. User experience should be a websites main focus is confirmed by Matt Cutts from Google. No one wants to read fluff or gibberish so don't ruin your user experience with such counterproductive implementations. The objective is to strike a good balance of SEO while writing compelling webpage text for your visitors. If you have to little or to many keywords it will not benefit your webpage.

Other SEO Strategies

Social Networking

Social Networks like creating a Facebook Fan page, posting YouTube videos, or a Twitter micro blog could help generate publicity, customer loyalty, and traffic to your website. It is not a must and if you are not going to keep your website's social network content fresh and of quality than don't bother-a stagnant page can actually do harm.

Offer Something Useful or Entertaining

If you have the means and it makes sense to do you may consider offering a useful or even simply entertaining web app/tool to capture returning visitors and create a buzz. Keeping with the swimming pool theme consider what offers. On their site you can create your custom pool right on their site. You may find this helpful if you are planning to get a pool.

Press Releases

Another SEO strategy to consider is to write press releases and hopefully it gets published and creates a buzz and good traffic towards your site.

Final Words

To get professional results hire a SEO professional. If you are adventurous to tackle SEO yourself... good luck it can be done, but it takes a lot of time researching, implementing, and testing and retesting to find the right cord for your niche.

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