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Beware of Free Website Creators-They're Bad Business

So called free website builders lure you in with slogans like "Create A Free Website", "SEO Friendly Code", "We Use HTML 5" etc.... and if you bite you are trapped in their net of higher price website with limited features and horrific SEO. Don't Bite!

5 Reasons Not To Use DIY Websites

  • Likely to Cost More Overtime: The monthly fees are often higher for these hosted (inferior) websites. You can use a free website plan but it is very VERY limiting. Most likely you will need to upgrade to their paid plans and then you are stuck paying higher prices for an inferior website.
  • Code Is Not SEO Friendly: The produced code is not SEO friendly and will greatly lower your website potential to rank high. It baffles me they claim their websites are SEO friendly-Lies!!!
  • Most Don´t Offer Mobile or Tablet Versions: If they do the code is likely horrific just like the traditonal desktop website versions.
  • Limited Web Features: You are stuck using their proprietary widgets or select few popular widgets. When you outgrow your website you will be in a tight spot to scale up or have to pay big bucks for thier premium features.
  • Limited Design Customization: The one thing I like about these companies is some make editing a website easy, and some also have nice looking templates-although they are coded badly. Nevertheless, a nice template doesn't mean you will always like it the way it is or be happy with the little customizations you are allowed to do.

Watch my short video rant

These do it yourself website builders are bad for your online business and will stunt your growth potential and sales. Call a reputable web designer and set up a phone interview. Tell them your budget and your online plans/goals, and ask the web designer what alternative they can provide that would be better than going with a website creator service.

Why am I bothering warning small business owners of this? Becuase I want their business and their online presence/website to have better chances to reach thier goals. Moreover, your website visitors will be more happy with a well coded website-in this case the cliche is true: you get what you pay for.

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