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Hurry Up Already!

Your Website Speed Is Important!

A fast performing website is very important for usability, aka making your web visitors happy, and helps your chances with better SEO and ultimately sales... so do it! This report compares mobile airline sites confirming that sluggish websites loose money.

Below are some articles I found useful for you to read more about optimizing your website speed. Before you do any reading you should test your website speed score & get a 2nd opinion with the Google Page Speed tool... and go over the suggestions.

Learn About Optimizing Your Website Speed

  • Yahoo Developers Network: Yahoo explains the best practices for speeding up your website
  • Speed Optimization Tips From Industry Experts
  • Google: Google has several articles on how to speed up your website too.
  • A Common Step is to Gzip your files to compress and deliver your content to your web visitors faster. read this article.
  • Combining Mulitple CSS or Javascript Files into 1 file respectively, therby reduces the number of calls and travel time to render the page. This can be overdone and needs to used wisely especially since phones have limits to the file size they can accept. Also, don't include a file that changes frequently.
  • Set Expirations for your files

Other Things You Can/Should Do

  1. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and review your site and make adjustmest where needed will also help.
  2. Likewise sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools.
  3. You can try using this nifty javascript to load in parrallel. It's like turning a 1 lane road into a 4 lane highway!
  4. Use clever scripts to dynamically serve lower res images to small screens and/or slow connection speeds of your web visitors.

For Larger High Traffic Websites

There are other things you can do to speed up your site but they cost money and some online businesses just can't afford it or don't need it. However, for larger websites with high traffic you can also purchase and set up CDN for your site. You can get off a shared hosting plan and move up to a Dedicated or VPS plan.

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