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Don't Buy Web Development From These GuysSome Businesses Should Not Offer Websites

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As a freelance web designer I'm seeing a disturbing trend in competition that should concern web professionals and business owners alike... why in the heck are businesses like Chase bank, Costco (partnering with, inferior DIY website builders like, and cable companies like Verizon offering websites?! This is like expecting good & affordable results from a car washer to work on your car engine... they don't know what they are doing.

Why Business Owners Should Pay Attention

CAUTION to Business Owners: Don't Pay For Crappy Website Development From Banks, Cable Companies, DIY Websites like Wix or Webs, or even hosting comapanies like goDaddy, etc....

It's obviously okay to pay Verizon to be your IP (internet provider), and to be your web hosting service & domain registrar, and use Chase bank as a bank, but don't use their web design/web building/CMS services because they are inferior! I wouldn't have a platform for my rant if they offered good web coded websites... BUT THEY DON'T!

True, there are crappy web "professionals" too but you shouldn't have to try hard to find a good one. A good web designer will have several options to meet your budget that can cost less than your monthly fees your cable co. or bank can offer and will produce a better coded SEO-friendly site. Moreover, a web designer/developer can advise and provide suggestions that will improve your website usability and SEO.

The Cons To Using Inferior Web Building Services: from businesses like goDaddy, Chase Bank, & Verizon Cable co.

  • Likely to Cost More Overtime: The monthly fees are often higher for these hosted (inferior) websites.
  • Hard To End the Relationship: Once you figure out that you are spending too much money on an inferior website you usually can't take/transfer your website to a self hosted web hosting plan = you're stuck with starting over, spending more money and wasting time establishing your online presence again.
  • Not SEO Friendly: The way the website will be coded is not SEO friendly. Moreover, usually the free plans have you as a subdomain under their companies domain which also will surely stunt your online business growth/SEO.
  • Most Don´t Offer Mobile or Tablet Versions: If they do the code is likely horrific & are likely on separate domains. Having separate domains is not necessarly bad if that's the best option, but not ideal-don't believe me well listen to Google. Hint: Responsive website is thier recommendation.
  • Limited Design and Feature Options: Less options compared to hiring a competent web developer.
  • Limited Design Customization: The one thing I like about some of these companies is that they make editing a website easy, and some also have nice looking templates-although they are coded badly. Nevertheless, a nice template doesn't mean you will always like it, or be happy with the little customizations you are allowed to do.
  • Customer Service: Usually less one-on-one customer service versus hiring a local web designer.

Why Web Designers Should Worry

To state the obvious the more businesses that offer websites the less work web designers & developers will get. Well, let me clearify that: unusual businesses like cable companies and banks now offer websites. We as web designers know that these websites they offer are limiting in features, design, flexibility, and produce horrific SEO code that hampers search engine ranking potential. Business owners don't neccessaryly know this and some will undoubtably pay a bank or cable company to set up their website. This means we as professionals will lose jobs, business owners get inferior websites, and web visitors will have a worse web experience on those websites.

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"Not knowing anything about how to create a website I turned to Go Daddy’s services. After purchasing their Website Tonight website builder I was surprised at how un-user friendly it was. Yet the worst part was discovering how much more money was necessary in order to utilize the many necessary features that I would need. After purchasing more and more product add-ons for a website that I wasn’t even happy with I decided to hire a website designer. I received a superior website and saved a lot of frustration."
- Matt Crawford

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