Our perspective is simple. Work hard, learn your craft and build relationships.
Director Person A

The School of Acting is rooted in process, technique and truthful storytelling. Students will develop characters, give truthful performances and hone their craft. In line with top acting school practices, our acting classes cover techniques for engaging inner life, accessing imagination, building the vocal instrument and the body, bringing subtext to life and the unique requirements for working on camera. Graduates will enter the field with the skills, tools and an acting resume required of today’s actors.

Acting Courses

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Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret ... to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper, and ink.
Person B

At the Art School University′s advertising school, you learn an integrated approach to marketing communications that is backed by solid strategic thinking. The nation′s top advertising school shows you how to use creativity with professional skills training to get the best advertising jobs.

Advertising Class Descriptions & Course Schedules


I do have the best job in the world, no question. Everybody should be jealous. This is so what you want to do.
Pixar Animator Mr. C

The best animation companies recruit our graduates because we are one of the top animation schools in the nation. We′re a leader because we offer the best resources and instructors from top companies like Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic.

Animation Classes

Art History

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
Person D


The School of Art History courses cover a broad range of periods in art history including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Early Christian, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th and 19th Century, American, Modern, and Non-Western art and architecture, and many others. See more

Study Abroad: Seminar in Europe

The Liberal Arts department offers an exciting opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to complete Liberal Arts requirements overseas. Study Abroad: Seminar in Europe exposes students to the art of featured regions within the broader context of European history and artistic culture. Students explore the extraordinary architecture of the chosen locality as well as visit the extensive collections of paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects housed in Europe’s world-renowned museums. Countries visited in the past have included France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic with spotlights on Paris, Rome, London, Prague, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, to name just a few. Learn more


The School of Architecture at the Art School University is dedicated to advancing the art of architecture. Students are encouraged to explore the visual, functional and compositional possibilities associated with design within our physical, natural and social environments. With an emphasis on design and guided by knowledgeable faculty, the School of Architecture seeks to endow students with valuable professional skills. Design Studios will address the development of sustainable buildings and communities. The academic programs at the architecture school nurture creativity, support artistic vision and integrate critical thinking with technical information, thus preparing students to become active and engaged leaders in the architectural profession.

Course Focuses

Architecture Careers


Course Focuses

From runways in New York and Milan to the streets of Paris and Tokyo, fashion is the ultimate artistic expression of individual style. One of the top fashion design schools in the country, Art School University prepares students for professional futures in the world of fashion.

Fashion Courses

Fashion Careers

Fine Art

I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don't need.
Person G

The fine arts school at Art School University is internationally renowned. Our program offers a top painting school, sculpture school, and jewelry design school all under one roof.

Fine Art Course

Alumni Success

Be inspired by the successes of Art School alumni and faculty members. See what took them to the top of the industry and earned the acclaim of their peers. Learn More

Graphic Design

Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.
Person H

Students at Art School University have earned countless awards and distinctions confirming its reputation as the best graphic design school. World-renowned professionals will prepare you for the career of your dreams after you graduate from this top graphic design school.

Course Overview

Industrial Design

Industrial design is the study of human nature.
Person Z

In line with top industrial design school practices, the School of Industrial Design provides an organized approach to problem solving with a solid foundation in sketching, knowledge of materials and processes, mechanics, ergonomics, digital rendering and hands–on experience with model making. Designers must balance business needs with functionality and aesthetics. The School of Industrial Design’s degree programs emphasize the balance of these requirements as students envision, create and test their designs.


We are no longer in the information age, we are in the media age.
Person Z

Today’s multimedia journalist uses more tools and technology than ever. Video, sound, text and motion graphics are essential to great storytelling. The School of Multimedia Communications prepares students for the future with an emphasis on short-form production.

Gain hands on experience with industry-standard, cutting-edge technology. Be a part of the future and learn to write, edit, shoot, podcast, produce, host, report and broadcast across all media.


A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.
Person J

Great photographers combine vision, style and technical proficiency to creatively illustrate ideas. The School of Photography takes a hands-on approach to teaching students the technique, aesthetics and conceptualization skills needed to create a cohesive body of work that demonstrates their personal signature in every image.

Art School University photography courses are taught by working photographers. This gives students a real world perspective as they are guided in their investigations and development of Art for Commerce, Fine Art and Photojournalism/Documentary tracks of study. Access to working professionals coupled with the emphasis on strong conceptual skills and technical knowledge supports students in becoming leaders in their area of specialization with a portfolio of powerful and conceptually driven imagery.

Web Design

Academy of Art University’s School of Web Design & New Media is the intersection between traditional design and new technologies, where creativity meets innovation. In its depth and breadth, this program is unique among art and web design schools across the nation.

Students in the program are knowledgeable, strategic designers and thinkers who create cross-brand and cross-media experiences. They act as the vital bridge between design and back-end coding. They are nimble designers who work spontaneously to meet contemporary design challenges.

Web Design & New Media students are creative thinkers who remain relevant because they are taught to adapt and grow with change. The program is based on the premise that ideas aren’t valuable unless they can be executed.