General Admissions Questions

Q: Do you offer interviews?

A: Yes. An admissions interview is not required for admission to the University. However, if you feel that an interview would help our admissions representatives get a better sense of your strengths as a candidate, we encourage you to set up an interview by contacting the International Admissions Department.

Q: I earned a Bachelor′s degree from another institution; can I apply for a second bachelor's degree?

A: Yes. Our Second Degree program is designed for students who may have majored in a different subject, but would now like to pursue an education and career in art & design. Admission is guaranteed for Second Degree applicants.

Q: Is a portfolio required for admission?

A: A portfolio is not required for undergraduate admission. We believe that aspiring artists and designers have the right to pursue their dream with or without a portfolio. But if you have a portfolio, we encourage you to submit it. Department Directors may transfer or waive major/foundation classes in their individual departments based upon portfolio review.

Application Questions

Q: Is there a separate application for International students?

A: Yes. International students must complete the International Undergraduate Application or International Graduate Application.

Q: What is a transcript?

A: A transcript is an official record provided by your secondary school or college/university that shows your academic performance during your attendance there, and provides information about your current academic status. The transcript may include grades in various subjects and/or results from internal or external examinations (e.g. GCSE, national examinations in your country, etc.).

Q: Can I submit a photocopy of my transcript?

A: No. You must submit an official transcript.

Q: Do you accept official transcripts and financial documents in a foreign language?

A: No. All documents must be in English, or have been officially translated.

Financial Questions

Q: Do international students and U.S. Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) pay more tuition?

A: No. All students at the Academy of Art University, whether or not they are U.S. Citizens, pay the same tuition.

Q: I am an international student: am I eligible for U.S. financial aid?

A: No. U.S. federal and state financial assistance is not available for international students.

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Undergraduate Tuition
$765 per unit
Graduate Tuition
$865 per unit

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(average) $1,638

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